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05 January 2012

Overview: Sleek Pout Paints

Man this post is so long overdue. I've had theese little tubes for quite some time now and been loving them ever since, but as the lazy girl that i am, something had to happen for me to write this post.

O Doamne, postarea asta trebuia scrisa de asa mult timp. Am tubuletele astea de ceva vreme si le iubesc, dar intrucat sunt o lenesa imensa, ceva trebuia sa se intample ca sa'mi misc eu degetele pe tastatura.

Geting to it - i have 7 shades, some of them used more often than others and i'm gonna show'em to ya!

Trecand la treaba, am 7 nuante, unele mai folosite decat altele si am de gand sa vi le arat!

As you can notice, there is a difference in texture as well, some or more "watery" than others. From left to right - Pin Up, Milkshake, Peachy Keen, Port, Cloud 9, Lava and Peek-a-boo. I also have Mauve Over, but i seem to have missplaced it, that's why it's missing from my post.

Dupa cum puteti observa, exista si o mica diferenta in texturi, unele sunt mai "apoase" decat altele. De la stanga la dreapta - Pin Up, Milkshake, Peachy Keen, Port, Cloud 9, Lava si Peek-a-boo. Stiu ca am si Mauve Over pe undeva prin casa, dar nu'l mai gasesc momentan, de aia lipseste din poza.

General information and how to use:
- these are not lipglosses, nor are they lipsticks. It's simply a paint.
- they have a creamy texture when you apply them, even the watery ones
- the tinyest amount is needed to fully cover your whole lips: i recommend applying a drop on your hand then using a lip brush, they stain your fingers.
- you can use them as they are or combine them to get other shades or multicolored lips (this is my fav thing to do!)
- they work amazing as lip stains - blot really well and it will be stuck on your lips for a while; they are not omg 12 hours resistant, but i wore pin up on Chrismas eve for about 6 hours untill it wore off.
- you can use lip gloss over them, like you would do with any normal lipstick
- they have a hint of a fruity scent and no taste, so you dont need to worry about that - in my case, i thought they would smell like chemicals :))
- need i say how pigmented they are? Until you try them for yourself you wont believe me.
-one last thing - dont get fooled asking "why would i buy a white/blue one?" those are used for mixing them, white makes the color lighter, while blue deepens it.

Informatii generale si modalitati de utilizare:
- nu sunt glossuri si nici rujuri. Sunt pur si simplu.. vopsea pentru buze.
- au o textura foarte cremoasa - inclusiv cele "apoase"
- picatura cea mai mica va va acoperi in totalitate buzele: va recomand sa puneti un strop pe mana, apoi sa folositi o pensula - pateaza degetele, plus ca aveti nevoie de mai multa precizie.
- puteti folosi direct nuantele din tub, sau le puteti combina intre ele pentru culori unicat sau buze multicolore (metoda mea preferata)
- functioneaza de minune pe post de lip stains - eliminati bine bine excesul pe un servetel; nu o sa tina pe buze 12 ore, dar eu am utilizat metoda asta de Craciun si timp de 6 nu am mai avut treaba.
- puteti pune gloss peste ele, cum ati face cu orice alt ruj 
- au un miros foarte discret, fructat si sunt fara gust - in caz ca va ingrijorati in privinta asta (eu initial ma asteptam la un iz de chimicale :)) )
- nu cred ca mai e nevoie sa spun cat de pigmentate sunt, nu o sa ma credeti pana nu le incercati.
- un ultim lucru, stiu ca o sa va intrebati "de ce sa imi cumpar alb sau albastru?" - aceste nuante sunt facute pentru combinatii, albul deschide iar albstrul adanceste/inchide culoarea

                    The perfect purple - i used Milkshake, Cloud 9, Port and Peek-a-boo
                    Movul ideal - am folosit Milkshake, Cloud 9, Port si Peek-a-boo

Inainte sa va arat diferite poze unde le'am folosit vreau sa va spun ce m'a miscat sa scriu astazi depre ele, am gasit o oferta buna si ma gandeam ca poate va intereseaza mai multe detalii, pe Make up Shop

Now, pictures with make up, or it wouldnt be my blog xD 

Si acum, poze cu diferite machiaje, altfel nu ar mai fi blogul  meu xD

Cloud 9, Peek-a-boo and a Clinique Lipstick
Black lipstick with Cloud 9
Cloud 9 and Milkshake
Cloud 9 and black lipstick
If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask. If you already own some, i would love to hear your opionion or if you are considering to try them out! Thank you!

Daca aveti intrebari, eu va sunt mereu disponibila. Daca aveti deja produsul asta, sunt foarte curioasa de parerea voastra.. sau va ganditi sa le incercati? Multumesc mult!
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