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09 September 2011

Makeup categories: Smokey eyes.

Disclaimer: I do not say this is the right way to categorize make up, its just a personal opinion and how i see it. This post is not copied from anything on the internet, its completely my own creation.

Disclaimer: Nu spun ca asta e metoda cea mai buna de a categorisi tipurile de machiaj, e doar opinia mea personala, cum vad eu lucrurile. Nu am copiat paragrafe de nicaieri de pe net, 100% creatie proprie.

Continuing with the series, for today i chose the oh so praised smokey eye. Its not my personal fav, but i'll use it from time to time. Is very easy to do and it gives you that claasy glam look. 

Colors used: Anything you can think of. Smokey goes for any color in your palette, the general "rule" being that you start with the dark one at the base of your eyelids, going lighter as you go up. In my world, a smokey is nothing without a dark contour all around the eyes, but then again, i live in lala land where black is the new everything :)) Personally, if the makeup isnt already black, i also like accentuating the outer V, for extra depth. Another key element is a smudged eyeliner over or underneath your eyeshadow.
Intensity: As high as it can get, depending on where you wear it. 
Where to wear: Normally, parties, clubs, anything evening related. Also, the fav type of make up for rock chicks. You ca get away with it during the day time if you tone down the colors. 

Continuam cu seria de "categorisire", iar pentru astazi am ales machiajul smokey. Nu e favoritul meu, dar apelez la el din cand in cand. E foarte inchis si are efectul ala "wow, ce classy si\sau glam sunt!"

Culori folosite: Oricare. Se poate realiza cu absolut orice aveti la indemana, "regula" generala fiind ca porneste de la culoarea inchisa la baza genelor si de "deschide" in drum spre arcada. In "lumea lui Ami", smokey'ul nu e smokey fara negru peste tot, dar stiti ca eu nu sunt cu toate oile acasa si nu va recomand sa va luati dupa mine :)) Daca machiajul nu este deja plin de negru (yea right, sigur n'o sa fie), imi place sa accentuez V'ul exterior pentru "adancirea" ochilo. Un alt "element cheie" ar fi creionul negru, intins la baza genelor, sub fard. 
Intensitate: Cu cat mai intens, cu atat mai bine. Depinde totusi de gusturi si de ocazie.
Unde il purtam: La petreceri, in blub, nunti, etc. Poate fi purtat si ziua, daca reduceti din intensitatea culorilor. Cred. Eu una pot :))

Conclusion: Anyone can wear this make up, with the right attitude for it. In my oppinion, if you're over 40 ish, you might wanna tone it down, it might come of too harsh over the fine lines. And now, samples: 

Concluzie: Oricine poate purta acest tip de machiaj, cu atitudinea potrivita. Totusi, dupa 40 de ani, as recomanda reducerea intensitatii, poate arata ciudat pe liniile fine. Si la mine arata nasol daca exagerez :)) "Mostre":
Fast make up.

Greish black.

Personal folder :))

Personal folder :))
With a twist, coming soon ;)

Sort of smokey?

Personal folder. 

Purpleish :D
Inspired by
Lemme know what you think! I'm always looking for feedback, good or bad :)

Astept parerile voastre, bune sau rele :) O zi faina!
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