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29 September 2011

Falsies? Glue them on!

So, every girl likes false eyelashes, dont ya? If you say no, thats because you are having problems gluing them on like i did, and still do sometimes! Well im gonna try to help you and tell you the oh so easy steps :D 

Fiecarei fete ii plac genele false, nu'i asa? Daca ma insel, e probabil din cauza ca nu le puteti lipi bine, cum nici eu nu puteam. Si acum o mai dau in bara uneori, no worrys :)) Tocmai de aia, azi vreau sa va spun cativa pasi simpli care, sper eu, o sa va ajute :D

You shall be needing: O sa aveti nevoie de:

- one pair of eyelashes, of course. Mine are Ardell Daisy, courtesy of Madame Madeline, my fav website for eyelash purchase, they have everything you can think of.
- your choice of eyelash glue 
- some tweezers 

- evident, o pereche de gene false. Ale mele sunt Ardell Daisy, multumita siteului Madame Madeline, preferatul meu, au toate modelele posibile.
- lipiciul din dotare
- o penseta

Step one:  Pasul 1:

Make sure your eyelashes fit your eye size. Most of the eyelashes are too long for me, therefore i cut them first. Always cut from the outer edge, you might be wearing falsies, but you want them looking naturalish. This is a very important step, if they dont fit your eyes, they will ugly up your make up in two seconds.

Inainte de toate, trebuie sa ajungeti la marimea potrivita de gene. Mie toate imi sunt "prea mari", asa ca la prima folosire le tai, musai din coltul exterior, chiar daca sunt false, vreau sa arate cat de cat natural. Acest pas este foarte important, va puteti strica machiajul in doi timpi si trei miscari daca nu va vin bine.

Step two:  Pasul doi:
Add a thing lair of glue. Personally, im comfortable with using the tube directly, but you might wanna drop a bit on your hand or a clean surface then swipe the lash trough it. Make sure you have enough on the edges, since those are likely to pop out of place first. 

Adaugati un strat subtire de lipici. Eu una folosesc direct tubul, dar, daca va e frica sa nu puneti prea mult, scoateti o picatura pe mana sau pe o suprafata curata si treceti geana prin ea. Asigurati'va ca aveti destul pe colturile exterioare, au tendinta sa se desprinda primele. 

Step 3: Pasul trei:
After the glue became tacky - it might take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes (its basically the point where it gets semi transparent), pop that eyelash on the center of your eye, as close to the natural lash line as possible. After that, take your tweezers and get the edges in place. Gently push on it for a couple of seconds till you're sure it doesnt move anymore. The very important part of this step is too allow the glue to be sticky enough, or else your eyelash is gonna move all over the place. Honestly, it takes a bit of practice and patience. 

Dupa ce lipiciul devine.. well, lipicios - poate sa dureze intre 30 de secunde si 3 minute (e punctul in care nu mai e complet alb, dar nici transparent inca), plasati geana fix pe mijlocul pleoapei, cat mai aproape de linia naturala a genelor. Apoi, cu penseta fixati colturile si apasati usor pe ele cateva secunde, ca sa fiti sigure ca nu se ridica in momentul in care le'ati dat drumul. Partea cea mai importanta e ca lipciul sa fie destul de er.. lipicios, daca nu, geana se va misca dintr'o parte in alta fara sa se prinda de piele. Sincer, nu o sa fie perfect din prima, aveti nevoie de exercitiu si rabdare.

And now, some before and after pictures :) / Ca sa va luminez si mai mult, va las cu niste poze inainte si dupa :)
Before: Inainte:

After: Dupa:

Another tip: if you're a beginner, try using natural hair lashes instead of synthetic ones, they are more manageable and they keep the shape of your eyes  better. 

Inca un sfat: daca sunteti incepatoare, luati'va gene din par natural in loc de sintetice, sunt mai usor de folosit si se muleaza mai bine pe forma ochiului.

Some full face pictures:

In case you didnt figure it out, this is one of my fav looks that im sporting theese days :D If you have any questions, you know where to find me and i hope this post has helped, at least a tad :D 

In caz ca nu v'ati prins deja, acesta este unul din lookurile mele preferate zilele astea :D Daca aveti intrebari, stiti unde dati de mine si sper din suflet ca v'a fost de folos postarea :)

Ps: if you love Madame Madeline as much as i do, you can use this code to get 10% off your entire order: KSHARE . I just placed a huge order, so theres a haul coming up ;) 
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