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07 August 2011

Inspired By: Kat von D

Azi revin cu un look relativ simplu, inspirat de frumoasa Kat von D. Mereu i'am admirat stilul si machiajul, asa ca, de ce nu? :D Voi incerca sa am un Inspired By macar odata pe saptamana.

Today imma show you a simple look, inspired by the Beautiful Kat Von D. I always admired her style and her make up, so, why not? Im gonna try to do an Inspired By at least once a week. 

Evident, nu seman  deloc cu ea, dar am incercat si sper sa va placa!

Obviously, i look nothing like her, but i tryed and i hope you'll like it!

Ideea este foarte simpla: accentuati si ochii si buzele. Eu am incercat sa desenez si stelutele, nu mi'au iesit extraordinar, cel mai reusit ar fi cu un tus sub forma de creion. De asemenea, puteti sa conturati buzele "in exterior", adica sa depasiti linia lor naturala, si asta e tot! Hello Kat von D :D

The idea is really simple: you need to accentuate both the lips and the eyes. I tryed drawing on the stars as well, tho they didnt turn out extraordinary: the best way is to use a felt tip eyeliner pen. Also, try to draw your lips outside of their natural line, and thats all! Hello Kat von D :D
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