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01 July 2011

LOTD: going to a wedding? + Tutorial

In sfarsit am reusit sa recreez un machiaj pe care l'am "folosit" pe o don'soara, ca sa fie frumoasa la o nunta :D A vrut ceva foarte simplu si, evident, ce o sa va arat eu, arata mai bine pe ea - ochi albastri (de ce nu am si euuuuuu? :((((((((((((). So, anyways, eu am exagerat putin "codita", ea a vrut'o mai finuta - difera, evident si forma ochilor. Daca vi se pare prea mult, evident poate fi "toned down". Ze pictures!

I finally managed to recreate a makeup i did for a missy, so she can be pretty at a wedding. She wanted something simple, and obviously, it looked better on her - blue eyes (why dont i have them tooooooo? :(((((). Anyways, i overdid the flick a bit, she wanted a smaller one - eye shape differs, of course. If you think its too much, you can always tone it down. Ze pictures!

Look'ul este facut integral cu Naked Palette, iar fata am lasat'o foarte simpla: bronzer, iluminator si un ruj nude. Sper sa va placa si sa nu va fi saturat deja - stiu ca numai machiaje am postat in ultimul timp. Daca aveti vreo idee pe care vreti s'o vedeti la mine, let me know :)

The look is completly made with Naked Palette, i left the rest of the face very simple: bronzer, highlighter and a nude lipstick. I hope you're not already sick of me - i know i only posted make up lately. If you have any ideeas about what you'd like to see here, let me know :)

O zi frumoasa!

Later edit: TUTORIAL!!

1. Am aplicat o baza de machiaj - Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
   I applyed a primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
2. Am aplicat pe toata pleoapa mobila Sin - UD Naked 
    On my upper eyelid i used Sin - UD Naked 
3. Am aplicat pe treimea interioara a ochiului Half Baked - UD Naked (auriu)
    I applyed a gold (Half Baked - UD Naked) on one third of my upper lid

4. Mi'am definit pliul cu un maro mat Buck - UD Naked
    I defined my crease with a matte brown Buck - UD Naked
5. Am accentuat V'ul esterior cu un maro inchis Hustle -UD Naked 
    I accentuated my outer V with a dark brown Hustle UD Naked 
6. Am aplicat un alb usor sidefat pe arcada si in interiorul ochiului Virgin - UD Naked 
    I used a satin white on my brow bone and in the inner corner Virgin - UD Naked 

7. Am aplicat maroul inchis pe 2 treimi ale pleoapei inferioare - partea exterioara
   I applyed the dark brown on 2 thirds of my lower lid 
8. Am aplicat fard negru in loc de tus (Black Dog de la UD) - am inceput prin a'mi contura pleoapa, apoi am facut "codita" si le'am conectat 
  Then I used black eyeshadow instead of liner to contour my eyes
8. Am aplicat fardul negru pe o treime din pleoapa inferioara
    I applyed the black eyeshadow on a third of my lower lid
Tot ce mai trebuie de facut este rimel si, in cazul meu, sprancenele :)) Observati ca imi lipsesc niste fire - nu am fost atenta la pensat xD Bineinteles, nu trebuie sa folositi aceleasi culori, puteti face acest machiaj cu orice nunate va trece prin cap. Puteti folosi tus, in loc de fard, si adaptati'l in functie de forma ochiului. 

Sper ca va e de ajutor editul si nu ezitati sa ma intrebati absolut orice :D

All you need to do now is apply mascara and, in my case, the eyebow :)) As you can see, its a bit discontinued. Of course, you dont have to use the same colors, you can go for any shades you want. Also, you can just use eye liner and adapt it to your eye shape. 

I hope this was useful, and dont hesitate to ask me anything :D

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