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25 July 2011

Fail section - blue!

De multe ori nu'mi iese machiajul cum am vrut eu - de la ideea din capatana pana la executare este ceva drum. Dar cel mai tare ma enervez cand il stric din cauza fardurilor. Stiti vorba aia, nu tot ce e scump e bun, nu tot ce e ieftin e prost.

Many times my make up doesnt turn out what i wanted it to be - from the idea to the actualy finished product theres a long way. But nothing annoys me the most like ruining the look because of the eyeshadows. 

In fine, eu am patit "beleaua" cu niste farduri Sleek. Faza cu ele este in felul urmator: unele sunt incredibil de bune (vorbesc din punct de vedere al texturii), iar altele ma fac sa tip de frustrare. Mai ales culorile care imi place la nebunie. Problema mea de azi? Imi raman "gauri" in fard, altfel nu stiu cum sa le numesc - sau efectiv nu vor si gata sa se amestece. Oricum, las pozele sa vorbeasca.

What happened is that some Sleek eyeshadows let me down. The thing with them is: some of them are simply amazing (texture vise), while others make me scream with frustration. Especially the colors i love most. The actual problem? I got "holes" in my make up, dunno what else to call them - or they simply dont want to blend. Long story short, imma let the pictures do the talking.

Nu ma omor nici dupa machiaj in sine - a fost mai mult un experiment. Anyway. zilele urmatoare revin cu aceiasi serie. Am destul material xD

I dont particulary like the make up either - it was more of an experiment. Anyway, i'll be back with more from the series. I gathered up some material xD
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